A .z2f file format is the main format in which information is stored in
.z2f example

When zipping up a .z2f with winrar this box will appear. Select OK

the popular computer game Zoo Tycoon 2. A .z2f file is a .zip file which contains many other files nessisary for the Zoo Tycoon 2 game information to properly run. Inside the z2fs are all the in game data, and a user can make their own .z2fs that the game will read. Most user made downloads are saved in this file format. Because a .z2f file is a .zip the two can be used interchangably. Basicly a download with the file format .z2f can also work with the format of .zip. To make a .z2f one can zip up the necessary folders with a program such as WinRAR archiver or Winzip. The .z2f logo will change depending on the expansion you have.

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