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Making a Model not Revert into a Simpler Image or Revert

If you deal with foliage you will have come across this problem many times. Your model reverts to a simpler state, or reverts into a 2d object. This tutoral will teach you how to fix this common problem. Open your foliage model in Nifscope. When it is fully loaded go to view -> block list. Search for something called NiLODNode. Hit the plus button next to it so it will expand. Look for NiLODNode. Expand it and look for LOD Levels. When you find it expand with the plus button next to it. You will see the LOD Levels under it. Expand them so you see numbers in them. Now you work in reverse. Start with the last LOD Level and work up. In the last box you should see the number 999999.0000. Replace all the numbers with 999999.0000 EXCEPT IN THE FIRST BOX. IN The two catigories in the first box only repace the secend one. (Note somtimes you have to experiment with where you put the 999999.0000) This is the normal way you do it.

  • Refer to the Image for Help. The Yellow is the Expanded NiLODNode. The Blue is the ExpandedLOD Levels. The green are the Levels/Numbers you will change.

After that save and close. Then go into entities/objects/foliage/ai. (Or scenery, buildings, or any other objects) Open the main .xml with notepad and search for switch with the find tool. When you found somthing that says:


Change it so it says switch="0 20000 40000 60000" if it says minswitch="NUMBERS GO HERE" use the same code. Save and close.

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