Axis movement rotation

Refer to the Image for Help

Moving a Nif Along the Axis in Nifscope

Go to Transform-> Edit (a little axis thing is next to it) To move a nif along the axis it is much like scaling but much simpler You will see 3 boxes under Translation X [0.0000]&nbsp Y [0.0000] Z [0.0000] (Somtimes there can be numbers instead of just zeros) Edit the numbers so that you move your nif around for example X [1.0000] Y [-0.4000] Z [0.7800] 4. To move an object in the opisite direction say down or back add a negative sign ( - ) (Unlike scaling these numbers do not have to match up)

Rotating a Model in Nifscope This is much like changing the postition of an object but instead you change its angle or which way it faces. You will see under Rotation Y [0.0] P [0.0] R [0.0] (Very rarely there are numbers there) -Y Controls its roation along the Y axes -P Controls its rotation along the z axes -R Controls its rotation on the X axes 6.Fiddle with them to get the proper rotation of your model Unlike scaling your nif, when you go back to check or change it it will still have the same numbers you entered in. These do not have to match up aswell. For the novice designer, ignore the Euler button.

Refer to the Image for Help and Explanation

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