Myths Incorperated or M inc for short was a design team started in June 2010 by its founders MegaMatt100 and Macedonia

the Myths Icorperated logo

The TeamEdit

the team consists of several members of the following

MegaMatt100 - Leader & publecist

Acinonyx Jubatus - Skinner and Tester

Bunyupy - Main Skinner and some basic Coding

CougertheShark - Main Coder, Mesher and some skinning

Dudemeister130 - Mesher

Chuckingsquid - Skinner and Coder

Orcaboy - Researcher

Retired Members

Macedonia - retired tester

DeadlyQuetzal - retired Researcher

Team HistoryEdit

Myths Incorporated is a fairly new design team formed on June 20, 2010, when MegaMatt100 posted a topic in Z-Studio's forums about our first expansion pack, Mysterious Myths, that he had had thought up with the team's retired tester, Macedonia. Z-Studio rejected the idea, saying that they were not doing any packs with myths or cryptids after Paranoia was finished. This prompted MegaMatt to form his own design team, and M. Inc was born. Bunyupy offered to skin in that topic, and Acinonyx Jubatus offered to mesh, on the condition that someone taught him how to import and export models. He never did figure it out, but he is currently very close to learning how to skin. DeadlyQuetzal applied for the job of researcher, but a few months afterward the team suddenly seemed to go dead. MegaMatt, fortunately, was able to revive it. A month or so afterward, CougertheShark applied for the job of coder. Now the team is in the process of making their expansion pack, Mysterious myths. soon after DeadlyQuetzal left the team. Soon the first update occurred and 2 new members joined Dudemeister130 applied to be a mesher and Chuckingsquid applied to be a Skinner and Coder Than CougertheShark learned to mesh and made his first meshed animal and Acinonyx Jubatus learned to skin. Bunyupy than had to retire for a month due to life issues. soon afterwards Orcaboy applied to be the new Tester

Unfortunately, by early 2011 the team lost steam, and fell apart. Despite attempts to bring the team back together by MegaMatt, AJ, and Couger in mid-late 2011, M Inc was dead. On April 3rd 2012, MegaMatt100 announced it's disbanding.


Mysterious Myths ~ Cancelled

Content revealed

Battle Boar


Erymathos Boar

Norse themed fences


The pack will contain 3 Object Themes, more than 30 new animals and much more

there are no other projects on progress by the team currently

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