Particles are really nice for fx stuff, like dust, snow, water, splashes, blood and so on, but they are not easy. The nif scripts don't support particles, thus we either have to fake them using billboard planes or edit existing particles in nifskope.

Stuff we can control includes:

a) location of the particle emitter

b) opening angle and direction of the emitter

c) size of the particles

d) speed of the particles

e) randomization

f) number

g) timing

1. Open a base particle.nif.

2. Change the texture, works as usual with models.

3. We will mainly edit the NiParticleSystemController to give our particles new settings.

a. To edit the location of the emitter, move the parent node of NiParticles by right-clicking it. Transform > Edit.

b. To edit the opening angle and direction, you have to edit these 4 values: Vertical Direction, Vertical Angle, Horizontal Direction, Horizontal Angle

c. To edit the size, you have to edit the Size value.

d. To edit the speed, you have to edit the Speed value.

e. To edit the randomness, you have to edit the Random Speed value.

f. To edit the Number of total particles active, you have to Edit the Num Particles value. To edit the time a particle lasts, edit the Lifetime value.

g. to edit the timing, you have to edit these values: Start Time, Stop Time, Emit Start Time, Emit Stop Time, Emit Rate

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