To create realistic looking textures without photosourcing, most of the texture has to be painted manually. Now, I will roughly explain how to do so.

Step 1:

Add a Background layer with a background colour which is sort of an average of the colours the actual animal will have. Paste the UV of your animal and make it a Multiplication or Burn Layer. This can be disabled for saving, so you don't have the grid on the texture, but you can see it while painting.

Step 2:

Add a new layer above the background and paint the basic colours of your animal.

Step 3:

Add a Soft Light layer and give it some generic noisy texture, usually some leather stuff.

Step 4:

Add various Texture layers, all Soft Light, to add some variability in the texture.

Step 5:

Paint finer details into a new layer.

Step 6:

Use a Soft light layer to paint general shade, using black.

Step 7:

Use another Soft light layer to paint highlights using white.

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