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Super Designers United is one of the most sucsessful and old design teams currently creating a one of the biggest user-made expansion in ZT2 Designing history, Wild New World. SDU (as its coloquially known) already released a premium pack with 12 animals, called Mexican Marvels.

History Edit

Super Designers United is one of the oldest design teams still active. It was founded by Realy and Tyranno Rex in ZT2 Spanish Developers forum, in 16 December 2007. It was originally founded to be composed only of Spanish speaking members and SO Spanish Designers United was its original name. The group was originally composed of Realy, Tyranno Rex, Pewenator, Spartan_squat and Cristhianmlr. Shortly afterwards, Dinosaur and Jntg4 joined, breaking the original Spanish speaker composition of the team, and so, it was renamed as its actually named. SDU can be also noted for the huge number of persons that have joined the team, at least for a time. The most important of these retired members are Ailurus, Corvus Corax, The Y2J Problem, Mad Head, Wildfox and Animal_fan_man223.

SDU finished Mexican Marvels premium pack during 2008 and released it. As soon as it was finished, SDU started Wild New World, a complete xp with over 50 animals and many other extras. Though the xp itself is composed of three different packs, making it more like a "compound xp".

Also, SDU started a Tropical Coniferous Forest Biome Pack recently (2009) as a bonus pack, and its going to be released as soon as finished.

Actual status Edit

SDU is actually composed of 10 members: Realy, Dinosaur (which are the only ones left from the original team), Koiking, Millennium4000, Cosmius, Zerosvalmont, Ringo, Arctos92, Slice and Eotyrannus. All of them have specifical taks inside the team, in order to organize better.

External Links Edit

Super Designers United Official Homepage

Zoo-Hispania, where SDU has a forum section of their own

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