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Z-Studio is one of the most sucsessful design teams currently creating a user-made expantion known as Paranoia! It has two main designers, Zelda-Maniak and Nemo. Spinodude 101 helps out aswell.


Z-Studio is a well known designing team founded September 24, 2008 by Zelda-Maniak. He and a few other Designers including Rella-Chan, Black Panda, and Mama Nature. They began working on there first Expantion Pack, Paranoia! Working halted durring Christmas, were Z-Studio designed and relesed their first Premium Pack, A Christmas Pack. The Christmas Pack contained several cleshe christmas symbols. It was in this pack Z-Studio relesed there first animal, the Christmas Reindeer. The Pack also contained several other items such as a christmas tree and some food. It was after this when Nemo joined. Paranoia production continued until February, when Z-Studios secend premium, A Valitine for You, began to be worked on. It was relesed Valitines Day. It contained several Valitine's Day scenery items, and a Mute Swan. Paranoia production continued untill Halloween, when Panic was relesed. Then the team began to work on Hysteria, the secend part of Paranoia.When Christmas Arrived, Z-Studio relesed there secend Christmas Pack, Seven Reasons to Celebrate. After this Z-Studio relesed a new-years teaser, the Unkitellia, skinned by Nemo, Meshed by Zelda. Hysteria production continued untill May. This was when the first part of Hysteria was relesed fallowing a game known as Dungion of Riddles. To this date, Hysteria has been continusly worked on and revised. A bonus Hysteria add-on, the Meausum Pack, was relesed October 3rd. Z-Studio wants to finish Paranoia before they start on a new project. Z-Studio also offers many other downloads, availble at the forums now.

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