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Zoo Tycoon Designing Centre
(ZTDC for short) is one of the most famous ZooTycoon 2 Designing forums in the community.

Originally founded by Penguinman as a resource to many designers around the community. Other sub-founders include catc, Mika, and Shentirag, it is currently under the control of designer JVM as of 2014.

It contains many helpful tutorials and is well known for its, "So you want to be a designer?" topic. It has help topics for all methods from skinning to rigging for designing plus some exclusive downloads.

The site's activity remained steady for five years before rapidly decreasing as many of it's original designers left the community. After administrators Nemo and Manu went inactive in 2010 it died off and was overtaken by guests looking for downloads and eventually spammers until control was passed to JVM in 2014.

Skinning CollageEdit

The skinning collage is a game where designers face off to see who can make the best skin for the object in the description. All the participants skins are combined to form a new object or animal. It was founded by Mika, however, it is now being run by Nemo. The site also has many other contests.

ZTDC forums

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