The Zoopedia is a page of information found in the lang folder and in .xml format. The Zoopedia tags contain facts and information about a animal or object. Somtimes in large downloads, the many lang files of differnt animals and plants are zipped together, thus making a single file instead of 20 or 30.

For objects, such as scenery or foliage, the Zoopedia contains a picture, content, and outside links. For an animal reference, there is much more. Normally an animal will have a picture, biome, location, fun facts, content, and outside links.

A common problem for most novice designers is when they click on the zoopedia in-game, it does not show up. This is because when coding, all refernces to the zoopedia must be lower case. In the ui, lang, and ai folders the .xml must be searched for zoopedia_ . Any referneces to this must be lower case.

Zoopedia is a useful feature in Zoo Tycoon 2, and helps the user learn more about the game and the world.

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